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Yeni Álvarez is a Cuban-American actress and voice actress best known for her portrayal of Anita in Los Beltrán.


Álvarez was born in Cuba and spent her childhood there. When she was ten years old, she moved to Miami, Florida, U.S. with her family via Panama. At some point, Álvarez developed an interest in acting and decided to pursue it as a career. She studied at the Young Actors Workshop and Marymount Manhattan College for an unknown amount of time. In 1995, she received her BFA in Fine Arts from Florida International University.

In 1999, Álvarez was cast as Anita in Los Beltrán and portrayed the role until the show's cancellation in 2001. Since then, she was primarily involved in voice-over work, voicing the artist Carmela on Handy Manny and Aquamaria in an episode of Static Shock. Álvarez was also featured in voice roles on Glenn Martin DDS and the Guardians of Luna TV series, and in video games such as Freedom: First Resistance and Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico. She also appeared in Resurrection Blvd., Line of Fire, Judging Amy, Without a Trace, and Criminal Minds.

On Criminal Minds[]

Álvarez portrayed an aide in the Season One episode "Broken Mirror".


  • Get Blake! (2015) as Carmen de la Cruz
  • Piper's Picks TV (2014) as Herself
  • Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014) as Viperine Gorgon/Scary Stone (voice)
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2011) as Dr. Borges (voice)
  • Handy Manny (2008-2011) as Carmela (2 episodes)
  • Glenn Martin DDS (2010) as Mercedes (voice)
  • Take Out (2005) as Amy
  • Criminal Minds - "Broken Mirror" (2005) TV episode - Aide #2
  • Eve (2005) as Gloria
  • Left at the Rio Grande (2005) as Maria (short)
  • Madam Marina (2005) as Lucas' Mother (short)
  • Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico (2005) as Angel/Hooker (video game, voice)
  • Line of Fire (2005) as Juana Contrera
  • Crossing Jordan (2005) as Paramedic
  • Summerland (2005) as Paramedic
  • Without a Trace (2005) as Sophia
  • Judging Amy (2004) as Officer Young
  • Static Shock (2004) as Aquamaria (voice)
  • What Really Happened During the Cuban Missile Crisis (2003) as Yeni (short)
  • Rogues (2003) as Arlina Romano
  • In Hot Pursuit (2003) as Lupita Lopez (short)
  • Resurrection Blvd. (2001) as Tiffany
  • Los Beltrán (1999-2001) as Anita Beltran (23 episodes)
  • Freedom: First Resistance (2000) as Angel (video game, voice)
  • Libertad (2000) as Unknown Character (video)

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