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Workplace shooters are a kind of rampage killers who commit violence with firearms at their workplace. Workplace shootings are one of two notable types of rampage killings, the other being school shootings.

On Criminal Minds[]

"The most common trait is an unyielding belief he is always right, often reinforced by traumatic loss. The suspect will purposefully separate himself from his co-workers and quietly keep score, cataloging every slight against him. He will then use those slights to justify his own self-interest. One final trigger, like a violent confrontation or a drug-induced episode, will push him over the edge."
- Aaron Hotchner's profile on workplace shooters ("The Storm")

  • Phillip Dowd ("L.D.S.K.") - Upon realizing that local authorities were onto him for a series of sniper shootings, Dowd opened fire with an M4 assault rifle at the hospital he worked at, holding numerous employees and patients, as well as Hotch and Reid, hostage and intending to get them killed in the middle of a shootout between him and law enforcement.
  • Max Poole ("About Face") - After being spotted by Rossi and Hotch in the lobby of the office building he worked at, he was about to kill Morgan by shooting him with a revolver he had on him, only for Poole to be shot and killed by Rossi before he could do so.
  • Norman Hill ("Normal") - After hallucinating his boss and coworkers laughing and mocking him, he reached for a sawed-off shotgun that he currently had in his possession, intending to use it on them, but then relented after his boss gave Norman his condolences over the loss of his youngest daughter.
  • Luke Dolan ("Dorado Falls") - In the wake of Dolan's massacre at an office, which left eight people dead, the BAU initially assumed that this was a standard example of workplace violence, even putting suspicion on an employee who was absent at the time of the massacre.
  • Wallace Hines ("The Inspiration" and "The Inspired") - Under pressure from his boss and agitated by serving food to customers at the restaurant where he worked, Wallace fed unsuspecting customers pieces of a decapitated human head that he placed in their foods before holding them hostage with a handgun and a meat cleaver. When confronted by a shopping mall security guard, he shot and killed him with the handgun before successfully fleeing.

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