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The Winchester Model 1892 is a lever-action centerfire rifle designed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

Winchester 1892

The Winchester Model 1892


The 1892 was designed by John Browning (the creator of the famous M1911A1) after being requested to make an improved lever action to compete with a recent Marlin offering. The first prototype of the 1892 under the names of the Model 53 and Model 65 were introduced two weeks later chambered in three distinct calibers. Since then, the 1892's number of available cartridges has expanded. The rifle was given its current name and over 1,000,000 models were produced. During World War I, the 1892 gained more notoriety for being used by the likes of Robert E. Peary, Patrick Hurley, Perry Fawcett, Sasha Siemel, and even the Royal Navy used them during World War I. Both the Great Depression and World War II had a negative effect on production of the 1892s and sales for them plummeted and only rose again after the war ended. Afterwards they were manufactured by the likes of Amadeo Rossi in Brazil and by the Italian Chiappa Firearms, both of whom contributed to produced more enhanced models capable of handling even more powerful cartridges.


  • Cartridge:
    • .32-20 Winchester
    • .38-40 Winchester
    • .44-40 Winchester
    • .25-20 Winchester
    • .218 Bee (later in production)
  • Action: Lever action
  • Length: 37 1/2 in. (952.5 mm.)
  • Barrel Length: 20 in. (508 mm.)
  • Weight: 6 ibs. (2.72 kg.)
  • Feed system: 9-12 rounds

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