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Weeks (first name unrevealed) is an attempted murderer and an accomplice of Dale Shavers and the leader in an unsuccessful prison riot. He appeared in the Season Ten episode of Criminal Minds, "Lockdown".


No specific information is known about Weeks, including how he became an inmate at the Reagan Federal Penitentiary in the first place. However, he developed an association with Dale Shavers, the corrupt head of security at the penitentiary.


When Shavers realizes the BAU, who are investigating a series of murders in the prison, are closing in on him, he approaches Weeks in his cell and convinces him to stage a prison riot with Don Black and several other inmates. Shavers then lets them out of their cells, after which Weeks leads the other inmates in the riot. He watches as Black and several accomplices overpower and shank a prison guard to death as the latter tried to intervene. They eventually wound Morgan, Kate, and Officer Tom Polinsky, taking all three of them hostage.

Weeks has them taken to the prison cafeteria, where he tries to beat Morgan with a stolen baton. However, the group is confronted by Julio Watson and his cronies, who demand them to stand down, as Morgan and Kate are federal agents and killing them will land Weeks and the others on death row. However, Weeks and Black do not listen, telling Watson to stay out of their affair, before Polinsky collapses, bleeding out from his injuries. Black starts beating Polinsky, but is shot and killed by a police sniper. A SWAT team raids the cafeteria, forcing all of the inmates, but Weeks down. Weeks is then tackled to the ground by Morgan. He was presumably tried for his participation in the prison riot.

Modus Operandi[]

Weeks and his accomplices used shivs, a baton stolen from a slain prison guard, and their own fists as their weapons during the prison riot. No other details were disclosed about how they carried out the riot.


No profile was made of Weeks by the BAU.

Known Victims[]

  • Committed an unspecified crime(s) that culminated in his imprisonment
  • March 4, 2015: The prison riot: