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Victor Gant is a suspected serial killer and one of the two top suspects of a series of slayings of local women in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Very little information has been disclosed about Gant's early life. What is known is that he was born sometime around 1962 of African-American descent, got a job at the New Orleans Police Department sometime around 1980, and started dating a woman named Sharon Robinson, who worked as a coin changer at Harrah's Casino. On 1991, a serial killer began murdering people, mostly prostitutes, in the Algiers and Treme neighborhoods, eventually claiming 24 victims. For a year, the police department had been aware of the killings but didn't alert the local media until they requested assistance from the public in 1995. At that time, Gant had been listed as a suspect in the murders of two of the victims, Robinson and a friend of hers, 30-year-old prostitute Karen Iverster, both of whom were found in a swamp near Interstate 55 on April 30. However, he was not charged and remained at a desk job on the force, though he had submitted blood and tissue samples to police detectives. At this point, nothing has been disclosed of Gant's fate afterward; whether or not there was a DNA match to the two aforementioned murders and/or the other 22 victims of the serial killer is unknown. It should be noted that a sketch of the killer was drawn in 1992 after the first six murders; the sketch depicted a large, muscular African-American man in his 30's, which matched Gant's physical description.

Modus Operandi

If he was indeed the perpetrator of the New Orleans serial killings, Gant usually targeted prostitutes, whom he incapacitated by drugging them before killing them in a variety of ways, usually strangulation or suffocation. It is unknown as to how Sharon Robinson and Karen Iverster were exactly murdered.

Known Victims

Note: All of the victims on this list are only suspected of being killed by Gant. The dates denote when the victims were found

  • 1991:
    • July: "Brenda" (pseudonym; abducted, strangled, and left for dead; survived)
    • August 4: Danielle Britton, 17 (beaten and strangled)
    • September 3: Tiera Tassin, 21 (killed by unknown causes)
    • September 21: Charlene Prince, 28 (beaten and strangled)
    • November 21: Regina Okoh, 37 (died from strangulation and a cocaine overdose)
    • December 14: Jane Doe, 20 (strangled)
  • 1992:
    • January 4: Lydia Madison, 29 (killed by unknown causes)
    • June 2: George Williams, 25 (died from either strangulation or smothering)
    • July 25: Noah Philson, 33 (killed by unknown causes)
    • September 21: Regetter Martin, 29 (killed by unknown causes)
  • 1993:
    • February 20: Cheryl Lewis, 30 (strangled)
    • February 21: Delores Mack, 42 (strangled like the previous victim)
  • 1994:
    • February 5: Jane Doe, 25-35 (raped and strangled)
    • February 10: Jane Doe, 15-17 (asphyxiated)
    • February 13: Stephanie Murray, 25 (killed by unknown causes)
    • February 15: Jane Doe, 25-35 (killed by unknown causes)
    • April 2: John and Jane Doe (both killed by unknown causes)
    • July 3: Michelle Foster, 32 (killed by unknown causes)
    • October 19: Stephany Brown, 29 (killed by unknown causes)
  • 1995:
    • January 22: Wanda Ford, 29 (killed by unknown causes)
    • January 23: Sandra Warner, 39 (killed by unknown causes)
    • January 25: Henry Calvin, 24 (killed by unknown causes)
    • March 24: Linda DiBennedetto (killed by unknown causes)
    • April 30:
      • Sharon Robinson, 28 (his girlfriend; drowned)
      • Karen Iverster, 30 (a friend of Robinson's; strangled)
    • May 6: Sandra Williams, 39 (strangled)
  • April 8, 1996: Lola Porter, 39 (killed by unknown causes)

On Criminal Minds

  • Season Two
    • "The Last Word" - Gant was possibly referenced by Reid when the team talks about instances when two independent serial killers are active simultaneously and is referred to as one of two serial killers active in New Orleans. The other serial killer appears to be Russell Ellwood.



  1. Since he was 33 years old during the time he was accused of the New Orleans killings, this would place his approximate year of birth