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Person like that has gotta have some demons. It's like she was born into bad choices.
Lorenzana in "Demons"

Deputy Vicky Lorenzana was an accomplice of Owen McGregor and a member of a group of rogue Sheriff's Deputies. She appeared in Season Nine of Criminal Minds.


Absolutely nothing is known about Lorenzana's background, other than she became a Sheriff's Deputy at some point in her adult life. Being corrupt, she became a member of a ring of other corrupt Sheriff's Deputies led by Owen McGregor.

Season Nine

Angels (Part 1)

Lorenzana plays a minor role in the episode. She greets JJ by asking about the kinds of cases the BAU solve and which ones are the most terrifying, pretending to be enthusiastic about the presence of the FBI. Lorenzana then assists the BAU in their investigation into the killings of prostitutes, which was committed by other corrupt Deputies as part of a larger conspiracy to orchestrate the death of the current Sheriff, Peter Coleman, a plan Lorenzana is aware of. She later leads the BAU and the other Deputies to Christian preacher Justin Mills (whom the corrupt Deputies intended to frame for the killings but had to improvise due to the BAU's correct belief that Mills is innocent in the entire affair) and participates in the shootout between Mills and the authorities.

Demons (Part 2)

After the shootout ends with Mills being shot dead by Morgan, McGregor orders her, Marty Bennett, Greg Baylor, and his other colleagues to kill the BAU. She confronts JJ after she tries to interrogate Dinah Stidham, becoming suspicious of her attempts. Bennett and Lorenzana later pull Rossi and Blake over in a road located in the middle of the woods. As they prepare to kill the two in their SUV, they are struck by their SUV instead, critically wounding her. McGregor arrives and asks them where they are; Bennett replies that the two agents escaped. McGregor then shoots both of them in a fit of rage, killing Lorenzana and wounding Bennett (who is later shot a second time and killed).

Modus Operandi

Since Lorenzana was never seen killing anyone, the term "M.O." is misused. However, she fired at Justin Mills and intended to kill Rossi and Blake by shooting them with her service pistol.


Lorenzana was never directly profiled by the BAU since their profiles were more consistent with the ring of corrupt Deputies as a whole.

Known Victims

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  • Note: It is unknown if she was responsible for committing any of the other murders attributed to the corrupt Deputy ring as a whole.