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Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause I'm out living my life. Leave it at the beep.
Vickie's voicemail message

Vickie Wright was the pregnant fiancée of vigilante serial-turned-spree killer Jonny McHale. She appeared only in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, "True Night" via flashbacks.


Very little is known about Vickie. At some point in her life she met Jonny McHale in Los Angeles, who soon became her boyfriend and eventually impregnated her. One night in May 2007, the couple went out to the store for jerky. While on their way home Vickie revealed to Jonny that she was pregnant. After Vickie told him that if the baby was a boy they should name it after him, Jonny, overjoyed, proposed to Vickie. While doing so, the two were ambushed by a street gang called the 23rd Street Killers. Jonny offered the gang leader Glen Hill all the money he had on hand, only to be taunted. After Glen mockingly told Vickie to accept Jonny's marriage proposal, the gang leader stated to Jonny "You're not gonna wanna miss this" before having some of his minions grab Vickie. Forced to watch as Vickie was gang-raped and tortured to death, Jonny ended up being sliced across the stomach and left for dead by the gang.

True Night

Her murder and the death of their unborn child left a devastating impact on Jonny. As a result, Jonny's mind quickly degenerated and he began suffering from a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Six months after her murder, Jonny finally suffered a psychotic break. He began going out at night searching for the members of the 23rd Street Killers and brutally murder any he came across with a pair of scimitars.

Jonny's hospital room covered in drawings of Vickie.

While not in one of his psychotic episodes, Jonny would constantly call Vickie, knowing her voicemail is his last connection to her and would soon have flashbacks of her and him together. He helped her with her voicemail message to the night of the murder; from revealing her pregnancy, the engagement to their ambush, and also her screams as she was being attacked. In the end, her death and their unborn child's death were finally avenged by Jonny when he brutally killed Glen Hill.

Soon, afterward, Jonny is placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he spends his time drawing Vickie (his walls covered in sketches of her) and he calls her number over and over again, just to hear her voice-mail. The episode ends with him attempting to call her again.