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Tyler Green is a vigilante and recurring character in Criminal Minds: Evolution.


Green served two tours in Afghanistan working military intelligence. He worked as a spotter for drone strikes, where he would lure enemy targets into the kill zone, witness the attack, and report back. After several reprimands for drug use and refusal to follow orders, Green was dishonorably discharged after he posted videos of the aftermath of drone strikes online.

In 2007, Green's sister went missing. Green searched for her for ten years, eventually determining that his sister was killed by the serial killer known as Sicarius. He then infiltrated the network, hoping to find Sicarius. He also began anonymously informing to Penelope Garcia.

Criminal Minds: Evolution[]


  • Tyler bears some similarities to William Hightower ("To Hell and Back, Part 1" and "To Hell and Back, Part 2") - Both are former members of the military who searched for their missing sisters, with both attempting to take down the serial killer who they believed killed them (Hightower shot and killed Mason Turner, while Green infiltrated Elias Voit's serial killer network and attempted to lure him to a park), with both men being arrested for their actions.