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"Twenty Seven" is the seventh episode of Season Fourteen and the 306th overall of Criminal Minds.


The BAU races against the clock to find what's motivating multiple unsubs to murder every 27 minutes.

Guest Cast

  • Gladys Bautista - Cece Layun
  • Stephen Bishop - Supervisory Special Agent Andrew Mendoza
  • Amaris Davidson - Paramedic Josie
  • Josh Fried - Hipster
  • Kevin Gardner - Ricky
  • Tre Hall - Marcus Wells
  • Natacha Itzel - Helen Layun
  • Gayla Johnson - Police Chief Connie Wagner
  • Will Leong - Park Ji Sung
  • Andrea Lwin - Sherry
  • Joshua Elijah Reese - James Wells
  • April Rock - Female Student
  • Nate Scholz - Paramedic Dave
  • William Sterling - Danny Lozano
  • Napoleon Tavale - Officer Wilson

Referenced Criminals


  • This episode is the 4th of four episodes in the show's history in which bookend quotes are not used. The others are "Doubt", "...And Back", and "Derek".

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