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Trevor Norris is a teenaged serial killer and abductor who appears in the Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior episode "Smother".


Trevor's mother, Deirdre Norris, was a single parent. She frequently molested him during his childhood and was still breastfeeding him when he was seven years old. The latter led to him being bullied a lot at school when his peers found out. Though Social Services looked into the situation when the school became concerned, they didn't pursue any major legal action since breastfeeding a seven-year-old isn't a crime. Trevor's upbringing led to him developing a strong fetish for female breasts. In 2010, during high school, he became attracted to a fellow student, Reagan, and would often go to the coffee shop where she worked during her shift, just to look at her. One day, he offered to drive her home. When she accepted, he drove a while, pulled over and asked to have sex with her. When she turned him down, he sexually assaulted her, beating and cutting her breasts when doing so. Charges were made and Trevor went to a juvenile detention center for what he did, but was soon released, likely because he turned 18 while incarcerated. He then teamed up with his mother and the two of them started abducting and killing mothers. They were arrested while attempting to kill Julie Camden and her son Asher.

Modus Operandi

Trevor targeted Caucasian mothers in their late 20s to mid-30s who had infant children. He would abduct them at knifepoint at their car, using a baby doll as bait, and force them into his mother's car, leaving their children behind. Trevor would then take them home, where he would hold them tied up for some time before eventually killing them with shallow cuts and stabs from a knife. The cuts were usually focused around the breasts. Afterwards, his mother would leave the bodies in wooded areas, face-up with their clothes and hair cleaned, makeup applied to them, their nails filed, and their hands clasped together.


The unsub is an adolescent Caucasian male aged 14 to 18 years old, who is most likely awkward around people. He would get frustrated and angered easily, and he probably does not interact with his peers. Because of his age, he would seem endearing to his victims. There is a chance he wasn't allowed to attend public school. He was probably kept from teachers, doctors, and anyone that would look too closely into his personal life. He was kept on a short leash, and now he is rebelling. He has taken his freedom from the one person who was cleaning up his murders: his mother.

Real-Life Comparison

Norris is somewhat similar to Derrick Todd Lee - Both were serial killers who were bullied as children, assaulted women prior to their killings, targeted women, stabbed them to death (though this was just one of Lee's methods), and were both profiled as being socially awkward, angry, and rebellious. Also, Norris luring his victims with a baby doll could be a slight nod to how Lee was rumored to have used a tape of a baby crying to lure his victims.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified date in 2010: Reagan (attempted, but survived; was beaten, cut and sexually assaulted)
  • 2011:
    • April 1-7: Sarah Travers
    • April 7-9: Rebecca Keels
    • April 10-12: Tanya Reston
    • April 13: Julie Camden and her son Asher (abducted; both were rescued)