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Agent Travis Green was a recurring character on Criminal Minds.


No specific details were revealed about Green during his sparse appearances. He somehow became an agent working at the FBI headquarters in Quantico and had medical training.

On Criminal Minds[]

Green made minor appearances in the Season One episode "The Fisher King, Part 1" and the Season Two episode "The Big Game."

His last appearance was in the Season Seven episode "Hit," where he is sent into the besieged Colonial Liberty Bank by Morgan to treat the badly wounded Oliver Stratton and any wounded hostages. Entering the bank, he is briefly held at gunpoint by Izzy Rogers, then springs into action as Oliver begins to die from his wounds. Green attempts to revive Oliver, but is unsuccessful and he dies from his wounds. He is then ordered by Morgan via wire to make a move and end the situation. Green reaches into his bag and pulls out a handgun, but is shot in the stomach by Oliver's brother Chris. Green looks up at Chris in shock, just as he is finished off with a second shot directed to the head, much to Morgan, Hotch, and Rossi's chagrin.