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Doctor Tony Wilson is a minor recurring character on Criminal Minds.


Absolutely nothing is known about Wilson, other than he got a job as a coroner in Atlanta. He has shown members of the BAU the bodies of victims whenever they investigate cases in Atlanta.

The Big Game[]

Wilson shows Prentiss the bodies of Dennis and Lacy Kyle, a couple killed by Tobias Hankel. He describes the wounds on the Kyles' bodies as actual slash wounds targeting the aortas, which meant that the Kyles bled to death quickly. Wilson then remarks that it is exactly how a hunter would finish off his prey, allowing the BAU to create a geographical profile of the unsub revolving around the area surrounding Atlanta.

The Itch[]

Wilson reappears in this episode. He shows Reid and JJ the body of Albert Stillman and says that duct tape residue was found on his wrist, ankles, and neck. He also adds that fragments of his skin were found under his fingernails, most likely inflicted from scratching himself, which indicates that he was using heroin when he was abducted.