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Jimmy... I don't care what anybody says. I always knew you were a boxer. You remember what I said? Boxers are made, they're not born.
Tony to Jimmy as he beats him

Tony Cole was the trainer (and the final victim) of spree killer Jimmy Hall. He appeared in the Season Seven episode of Criminal Minds, "The Bittersweet Science".


In the 1980s, Tony was a star in middleweight boxing in the boxing venue of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, his career ended when he received a long-lasting injury in a lawn-mowing accident. Tony had since moved on with his life, starting a family and getting a job as a trainer in a local boxing gym in South Philadelphia. He came to employ a man named Lou Manzoni as his bookie. In 2002, he started training an aspiring boxer named Jimmy Hall. However, Jimmy's career as a boxer was unsuccessful, as he constantly kept losing matches. Eventually, he gained a reputation from his losses, being called a "punching bag" and bringing embarrassment to Tony. Despite his lack of confidence in Jimmy's boxing skills, though, Tony became a close friend of Jimmy's, being intimately aware of his son Ryan, who was suffering from leukemia.

The Bittersweet Science[]

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