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That's not fair, she's mine!
Toby to David Roy Turner

Toby "Tobe" Whitewood was a teenage budding serial killer, thrill killer, stalker, and copycat who was the submissive partner of a two-person killing team that appeared in the Season Eight episode of Criminal Minds, "The Apprenticeship".


Born sometime in 1997, Toby and his sister were abducted by an unidentified assailant in 2009, who then sexually assaulted and killed his sister in front of him. Toby didn't flee or call for help because the violence and torture aroused him. In 2010, Toby's father walked out on him and his mother Claire. He would maintain these psychopathic tendencies for three years, eventually abducting puppies from his neighborhood, beating and suffocating them by placing plastic bags over their heads. Toby eventually received a job at a pet store, which wasn't going well due to poor attendance and his relationship with the animals. He came into conflicts with his boss, Hollie Riggio. He soon received the attention of David Roy Turner, who traced the animal cruelty to him by methods never specified and started teaching him on how to be a better killer. Because his father left him, Toby came to treat David like replacement father figure. However, Turner, a released child predator, was using the criminal partnership as a way to catch Toby in a vulnerable place to exploit. When Toby began to notice from Turner's obsessive behaviors around him, he didn't care and was just delighted to use Turner in retort as an excuse to find opportunities for murder like he always wanted.

The Apprenticeship[]

See section on the David Turner and Toby Whitewood page

Modus Operandi[]

Toby's murder victims were always prostitutes in their early twenties. He killed his first victim, Amanda Lopez, by bringing her to an alley with the ruse of soliciting her for sex, then beating and fatally suffocating her with a plastic bag he brought with him in an attempt to take a cue from David. His second victim, Shawna Radford, was killed more accurately to David's M.O., by clubbing her head with a hammer, though he also tortured her by wrapping a plastic bag around her head and suffocating her beforehand. His signature was leaving the plastic bags he used on his victims over their heads. While the body of his first victim was left where she was killed, the body of his second victim was dumped in an area where she didn't operate in.

When he attempted to kill Hollie Riggio, he clubbed her with a hammer, tied her up, gagged her with duct tape, put her in the trunk of her car, and took her to David's boat shop, where he attempted to suffocate her with a plastic bag. When he attempted to kill David, he clubbed him over the head with a hammer. He was much sloppier than David, as his murders were fueled by rage.


See section on the David Turner and Toby Whitewood page

Real-Life Comparison[]

Toby appears to be partly based on Jesse Pomeroy - Both were sociopathic adolescent murderers who were nearly the same age when they committed their crimes, had a sibling loved more by their parents, were abandoned by their fathers, practiced animal cruelty on pets in their neighborhood, had their crimes covered up by people they knew acting as accessories, targeted at least one victim associated with their job, and killed two victims each.

Known Victims[]

  • 2012:
    • November 5: Amanda Lopez (beaten, fatally suffocated, and left a plastic bag over her head post-mortem)
    • November 6-7: Shawna Radford (killed together with David; tortured with suffocation, fatally clubbed with a hammer, and left a plastic bag over her head post-mortem)
    • November 7:
      • Hollie Riggio (his ex-employer; clubbed with a hammer, abducted, and attempted to suffocate; was rescued)
      • David Roy Turner (partner; attempted, but survived; was non-fatally clubbed with a hammer)


  • At the age of fifteen, Toby is the youngest deceased unsub in the show's history.
  • Toby is similar to Jeremy Sayer ("Safe Haven") - Both were teenage psychopathic killers and one-time abductors who killed a dog (multiple in Whitewood's case) as a precursor crime, had sisters who were victimized at some point (Jeremy assaulted his sister multiple times, while Toby and his sister were abducted and Toby was forced to watch his sister's rape and murder, which formed his psychopathy), abducted a single woman who they attempted to kill, but failed, and both killed as a result of built-up rage.