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Timothy Brennen (born Timothy Abell) is an American actor and comedian.


Brennen was born in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, as Timothy Abell. For reasons unknown, he took on the surname of Brennen while joining the Screen Actors Guild. Brennen began performing with a touring modern dance troupe while attending college in Colorado. He later moved to the city of Boulder with a scholarship to The Nancy Spanier Dance Theatre, where he began studying and performing improv comedy with a group called Head Games. He would go on to become the group's director. Brennen moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1996 and began studying at the city's renowned Groundlings School. He also began an acting career during that time. He performed in Los Angeles in the Sunday Company for a year-and-a-half. Then, Brennen was asked to join the Main Company in 2002. He was also a main company member of the venerable Groundlings Comedy Troupe.

On Criminal Minds[]

Brennen portrayed William O'Brien, a serial arsonist who was also the abusive father of serial-turned-spree killer Connor O'Brien in the Season Five episode "Public Enemy".


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