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Tim de Zarn is an American actor.


De Zarn was born on July 11, 1952, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended Archbishop McNicholas High School, a Catholic school located in Anderson Township. He didn't pursue a professional acting career until he was at the age of 25. Once he did, he became known for his supporting roles in the horror, crime, and sci-fi genres. De Zarn's feature film credits include Spider-Man, Fight Club, Live Free or Die Hard, The Cabin in the Woods, Untraceable, and Demon Knight. He also appeared in several TV shows, including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, NYPD Blue, the various Star Trek TV shows, Prime Suspect, Mad Men, The Forgotten, Lost, Criminal Minds, Weeds, Prison Break, Deadwood, The Shield, Cold Case, Quantum Leap, and 7th Heaven. Very little is known about his personal life.

On Criminal Minds[]

De Zarn portrayed Principal Paul Barter in the Season Three episode "Elephant's Memory".


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