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Thomas Luca is a psychopathic abductor, and both drug and human trafficker who appears in the Season One episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, "Strays".


Little is known about Luca, except for his criminal history of drug trafficking and prostitution pimping charges. Luca eventually turned to human trafficking of abducting women and girls to auction off, most often as captives for physical and sexual brutality. Violent offender Clark Page was hired as a temporary informal jailer of women and girls who were abducted, with the help of prostitutes and street women and girls Luca assigned personally as aids for Page. Page was a sadist and would like to kill the aids after being frustrated enough or done with them, which was no problem to Luca who would assign more women to Page, and the cycle would keep repeating.


When Page was arrested after killing the latest accomplice and kidnapping Emily Thorpe, the team are too late to save her, as Luca is already starting an auction. When it's Emily's turn, she's harassed and cat-called throughout the auction until her captivity is bought by the hosts of a mansion party. After she's whisked away, the warehouse where the party's located is raided and everyone there, including Luca, is arrested. At first smug, when he's threatened with the wrath of the government if he doesn't give up Emily's location, he quickly concedes and reveals where she is, leading her to be saved in time just as she's nearly raped by one of the guests at the trafficking party. Luca is soon after incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Luca targeted young women and girls, primarily Caucasian, in the area the operations were being held. He also found high-risk blonde, Caucasian women and girls to be Page's accomplices. Page would temporarily keep the abducted girls in his family home's attic in cages with chains and dog bowl, as well as brutalize and torture the accomplices, particularly with a cigarette burn in their thigh each day they were working for the ring. Page would stab the accomplices to death ocne finished wth them, leaving them in streets and alleyways near his home, and then the captive women and girls would be transferred to Luca. His warehouse would be the location of the auction, where the victims would be bought to be enslaved, brutalized, and even raped. Luca also had pimping and drug trafficking charges that were unspecified in details.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unnamed women and girls (either kidnapped and auctioned off or leased to, tortured, and stabbed to death by Page)
  • Emily Thorpe (kidnapped by Carp and Page; later auctioned of and nearly raped; was rescued)
  • Thalia Carp (leased to Page, only to be tortured and stabbed to death)