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The Singapore Trafficking Ring (exact name unknown) was a smuggling ring that appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, "Cinderella and the Dragon".


The ring is known only by legend in Taiwan to be led by a psychopathic, powerful gangster nicknamed "Al Gui", who conducted operations of breeding and smuggling endangered and exotic species of fish for high paying clients. The gang had a ruthless and merciless reputation to work in the interest of their criminal enterprise by any means necessary. While they found international partners and created chapters of the ring in various countries, the partners would scout for flight attendants to smuggle the fish onto their flights to pass off to the gangsters, having as long as three days to keep them alive. One partner, American art broker Scott Davis, found Jane Wicks and Kathy Hall, seducing Kathy to get close to her. As the two ladies wouldn’t just go almond with the enterprise, Davis kidnapped Kathy’s brother Will and said he’d kill Will if they didn’t partake in the operations. The two attendants planned after three days of not seeing Will to back out, which Davis alerted Al Gui to in Singapore, through contact Han Bo Sheng.

Cinderella and the Dragon[]

Jane and Kathy were jumped in baggage claim by two cronies who snuck in through the conveyor belt. As American flight attendants were trained in self-defense, they fought for their lives, but Kathy was killed by being choked with her own uniform’s scarf. After she was sent on the conveyor belt to be found by arriving passengers, Kathy was left to run, escaping out a fire door, as she had stored the fish away as leverage and wanted to return to America and get Will back. Since Kathy was the prime suspect in Jane’s murder, yet still had the fish, the gang played out her fugitive status long enough to corner her for answers. Through communications, they arranged for her to meet one of their members for a costume change to hide in the city. When Monty tipped Davis off to how the agents were closing into the general area where Kathy would be heading, he called Sheng to lead Kathy to a warehouse in Geyleng. The two thugs drowned Han in a tank there, then abducted Kathy, trying to beat the information out of her while still misdirecting police. On a lighter note, Monty secure a warrant to comb through Davis’ business, and Will was recovered from a low-rate storage unit in Baltimore, enough for Davis to be arrested.

Kathy demanded to see Al Gui for negotiations, and he appeared feigning politeness and cooperation, so long as Kathy gave him the fish. She took the gang to the penthouse used as an operation station, where she brought them to the fish, still alive. Al Gui was satisfied, then ordered his men to kill Kathy. By then, the agents stormed in, shot the two gangsters dead, and arrested Al Gui. Al Gui was incarcerated, presumably also being executed for murder, and investigations went into his operations to take down the rest of his ring.

Modus Operandi[]

The gang smuggled endangered fish species and bred them in various locations across the world, mostly in Polynesia. The international chapters targeted flight attendants to manipulate or threaten into slipping the fish past security and then pass them to gangsters waiting at airports where they were to be delivered. The gang killed everyone who stood in their way, typically in targeted or calculated murders. The men got into the airport with a conveyor belt to strangle Jane with her uniform’s scarf, and when Kathy escaped, they let her take the fall. Kathy was strung along with a costume change, while Han Bo Sheng, her contact, was drowned and left for her to find to frame her again and lure her to be kidnapped. Kathy was beaten for info and nearly killed when she gave the gang what they wanted. One of the members attempted to shoot Garrett with a SIG Sauer P230.


No official profile of the smuggling ring was made by the IRT, as they initially believed that Kathy Hall was a single unsub acting alone.

Known Members[]

  • Al Gui (leader; incarcerated). Portrayed by Osric Chau.
  • Scott Davis (incarcerated). Portrayed by Brandon Barash.
  • Han Bo Sheng (deceased). Portrayed by an uncredited actor.
  • Two unnamed men (one deceased, the other incarcerated). Both portrayed by uncredited actors.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably committed numerous crimes prior to Cinderella and the Dragon
  • 2016:
    • Baltimore, U.S.: Will Hall (Kathy's brother and Jane's boyfriend; abducted and held captive; was rescued)
    • Singapore:
      • The airport attack:
        • Jane Wicks (assaulted, then fatally strangled with a scarf)
        • Kathy Hall (assaulted and attempted to kill; she escaped)
      • Han Bo Sheng (member; drowned)
      • The storage unit standoff:
        • Kathy Hall (abducted and intended to kill; was rescued)
        • Jack Garrett (an unnamed member attempted to shoot him)