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The Rolling Devils are a biker gang that appeared in the Season Fifteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Ghost".


Not a lot of information is revealed about The Rolling Devils except that they're a motorcycle gang with an offshoot group led by Louis Chaycon, a hitman and fugitive who is holding a personal grudge against Matthew Simmons and Luke Alvez due to his incarceration and his brother's death in a prison gang fight.

As part of a ploy to kill them, Chaycon has members of his group shoot three people, a man in a parking lot and two men playing basketball.


After the BAU is called in, the Rolling Devils shoot three people at McCarty Memorial Park from a distance, resulting in one casualty. Later in the day as the BAU and the police are called to an address near the apartment of Phillip Dowd, several members are sent out to ambush and abduct both Simmons and Alvez.

They succeed by blinding both men with flashbang grenades and injecting them with syringes containing a tranquilizer. After the ambush, they transport both men to a foreclosed warehouse where they allow their leader to torture them and beat them until he got the information he needed. Simmons and Alvez see this as a moment to drive a wedge between him and his right-hand man, Fleabag, by asking Chaycon if he had any possible involvement in his brother's death due to being killed in a prison gang fight. When Chaycon questions Flea's loyalty, he kills him by shooting him.

Meanwhile as Simmons and Alvez are being held captive, the BAU races against the clock to find them by looking into a smaller motorcycle gang not affiliated with The Rolling Devils who would rather move drugs than joyriding. They acquire the information they need when Rossi is tipped off by an undercover officer about where the gang is meeting and head toward the address of the foreclosed warehouse.

Right as Chaycon is about to threaten the lives of Matt and Luke's loved ones, both men escape from their bonds and engage in a fight with both him and his gang, despite being injured and drugged.

In the end, Chayon is shot and killed by Simmons and the team arrives to dispatch the second-in command and the rest of the Rolling Devils and rescue both men.

Known Members[]

  • Louis Chaycon (leader; deceased). Portrayed by Vincent Ventresca
  • Fleabag (right-hand man; deceased). Portrayed by Scott Peat
  • Carson (second-in command; deceased). Portrayed by Matthew Grant Godbey
  • Cyrus (status unknown)
  • Gunner (status unknown)
  • Three unnamed members (one deceased, two incarcerated)

Known Victims[]

  • 2020, Des Plaines, Illinois:
    • Brian Nikolay (shot in a parking lot)
    • The basketball court shooting:
      • Marko Salazar
      • Benjamin Blake
    • The McCarty Memorial Park shooting:
      • Timothy Donovan
      • Craig Wolf (survived)
      • Dr. Karen Wolf (survived)
    • Tara Lewis (ambushed, blinded with a flashbang grenade and left behind; wasn't an intended target)
    • Matthew Simmons (ambushed, blinded with a flashbang grenade, abducted, tortured, attempted to shoot; one of two intended targets; was rescued)
    • Luke Alvez (ambushed, blinded with a flashbang grenade, abducted, tortured, attempted to shoot; one of two intended targets; was rescued)
    • Fleabag (shot by Chaycon)