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The Kalashnikov Concern is a Russian manufacturing concern.


Mikhail K

Mikhail Kalashnikov, whom the concern is named for.

The Kalashnikov Concern was founded in 1807 as an armory under the name Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant in Izhevsk, Udmurtia. The armory began producing long guns, pistols, and swords with iron materials taken from the iron works near the Izh river. The armory continued to grow and produce more weapons that would be used throughout several wars, starting with the Napoleon wars in 1809. Another such war was World War II. Firearms mechanic and former Lieutenant General Mikhail Kalashnikov, after hearing soldiers complaining about their issued rifles while hospitalized after being wounded in combat in 1941, decided to start working for the armory upon his release in 1942. Kalashnikov was hired by the armory after World War 2 and, while working there, ultimately invented the famous AK-47 assault rifle in 1947, which quickly gained popularity and became a standard-issue Soviet weapon. Kalashnikov continued making weapons for the armory and its popularity grew, ultimately becoming the largest and most successful firearm production business in Russia (currently making 95% of all firearms in the country). Kalashnikov won many medals and awards for his work.

Mikhail Kalashnikov died from gastric hemorrhage on November 17, 2013, aged 94. The armory was named the Kalashnikov Concern shortly afterwards and still remains one of Russia's largest businesses to this day.

On Criminal Minds[]

Numerous Kalashnikov guns have been used on the show, as well as the two spin-off series Suspect Behavior and Beyond Borders.

Kalashnikov guns featured on Criminal Minds[]