Terrence Terrell is an American actor.


Terrell was raised in Mississippi and already displayed an affinity for entertainment at a young age. As a child, he would entertain anyone who would watch and listen. Throughout his teenage years, he was bullied, but coped by turning the negativity into humor. As an adult, Terrell moved out of Mississippi and to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a dream of acting and modeling. He starred in a few TV shows and music videos for the start of his career.

On Criminal Minds

Terrell portrayed Gabriel Lewis, the younger brother of Doctor Tara Lewis, in the Season Twelve episode "Mirror Image".


  • Tinderellas (2016) as Producer/Judge
  • Criminal Minds - "Mirror Image" (2016) TV episode - Gabriel Lewis
  • Meet the Dramatics (2015) as Willie Ford
  • Jack (2012) as Male Orderly (short)
  • Dark Claw (2012) as Unknown Character (credited as Terrence Terrel)
  • The Dramatical Experience (2012) as Willie Ford
  • Innocent Eyes (2011) as Jason (short, credited as Terrence Terrel)
  • The EyE of Genie Strauss (2011) as Jason (short)
  • My Roommate the (2011) as Freddy K. (credited as Terrence Terell)
  • Menages (2010) as Joseph Simo (short, credited as Terrence Terrel)

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