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Teresa Huang is an American actress, producer, and director best known for her recurring role on The Riches.


Huang graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but found her engineering career to be wasted, so she had since began writing as compensation. Huang then got a job as a staff writer on the NBC-produced Knight Rider remake, writing lines for the talking car. She also created and developed the one-hour drama The Big Kahuna with CBS Television Studios. In addition to producing short films under her Archer Island Productions banner, she continued to write original TV pilots and short fiction while chronicling her experiences as an artist on a blog she created. Huang also got into the acting industry, making numerous television appearances on several shows, including Grey's Anatomy, The United States of Tara, Lost, and a role as a recurring character on The Riches. She also performed onstage, her credits including A Chorus Line with Seacoast Repertory, Putting It Together with Speakeasy Stage, and Asian Pacific Tales with East West Players.

On Criminal Minds[]

Huang portrayed Doctor Weiss in the Season Eight episode "The Replicator". She reprised the role in the Season Ten episodes "Fate", "Nelson's Sparrow", and "The Hunt", Season Thirteen episode "All You Can Eat", and Season Fourteen episode "Luke".


  • Criminal Minds - 6 episodes (2013-2018) TV episodes - Doctor Weiss
  • How to Get Away with Murder (2015) as Dr. Annabelle Grimes
  • Boywood (2015) as Missus Kang (short)
  • Grey's Anatomy (2010-2014) as Nurse Ruth (19 episodes)
  • Married (2014) as Mai
  • Extant (2014) as Female EMT
  • Chasing Life (2014) as Dr. Fong
  • Rizzoli & Isles (2014) as Cathy Whitehall
  • Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 (2013) as Hillary (2 episodes)
  • Desperate Acts of Magic (2013) as Farmer's Market Spectator #1
  • The Photographs of Your Junk (Will Be Publicized!) (2011) as Audience (short)
  • Mixed Blooms (2011) as Kim Fluge (short)
  • Hawthorne (2011) as Nurse Traci Nakagawa
  • Untouchable (2011) as Grace (short)
  • United States of Tara (2011) as OBGYN/Doctor (2 episodes)
  • Greek (2011) as National Councilwoman #3
  • How to Eat Bacon (2010) as Journalist (short)
  • Lie to Me (2010) as Nurse
  • Lost (2010) as Surgeon
  • Misadventures in Matchmaking (2009) as Darby
  • Lincoln Heights (2009) as Registrar
  • Open Your Eyes (2008) as Deborah (short)
  • The Riches (2007-2008) as Kimmie (9 episodes)
  • Law Dogs (2007) as Deputy D.A.
  • The Young and the Restless (2007) as Reporter
  • Cold Case (2007) as Hairdresser
  • Mr. President (2007) as Moderator (short)
  • Side Order of Life (2007) as Reporter #2
  • Heartland (2007) as Reporter
  • Las Vegas (2007) as Alan Marshall's Wife
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006) as Nurse
  • The West Wing (2003) as Holly
  • Harrison Macauley Is Going to Kill Me (2003) as Wendy
  • ER (2003) as Vivian

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