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Taylor Coleman is a rapist, abductor, and member of Ryan's Gang. They appear in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, "3rd Life".


A resident of Chula Vista, California, and a senior at (presumably) Mayford High School, Taylor, along with a classmate named Douglas Silverman, at some point befriended an older delinquent named Ryan Phillips. On January 5, 2008, Ryan had Taylor and Doug help him abduct Katie Owen and her friend Lindsey Vaughn outside a theater. The trio took the girls to an abandoned house and sadistically tortured Katie, who Ryan eventually strangled to death with his belt. Ryan murdering Katie shocked Doug, who decided he wanted out, and tried to leave. An altercation ensued between the boys, and Doug was wounded when Ryan stabbed him three times in the chest. Unaware that Doug eventually succumbed to his wounds, Taylor and Ryan thought he could make it to the police, so they disfigured Katie's hands and face and dumped her nearby, taking Lindsey to Mayford High.

3rd Life

Debating what to do with Ryan for several hours, Taylor begins losing his composure and starts to panic but is reassured by Ryan, who tells him to go home, get his father's Remington 870 shotgun, and come back. Sneaking into his own garage, Taylor struggles to unlock his father's gun safe when Jack Vaughan, Lindsey's father, appears. Claiming to not know what he is talking about when Jack demands to know where his daughter is, Taylor orders him to leave but is knocked aside by Jack who breaks the lock on the gun safe, takes out a shotgun, and shoots Taylor in the leg. After Jack threatens to shoot him again, Taylor tells him where Ryan and Lindsey are. A few minutes later, the BAU are told Taylor was rescued and is being worked on by paramedics. If he survived, Taylor was most likely arrested afterwards for helping abduct and torture Katie and Lindsey.


No official profile of Taylor was made by the BAU, as they were more focused on Ryan.

Modus Operandi

Taylor abducted Katie and "Lindsey" outside a theater at night with the help of Ryan and Doug. They then took them to an abandoned house, where they raped and tortured Katie by beating and cutting her. After Ryan killed both Katie and Doug, they took Lindsey to Mayfield High, which was closed at the time, and held her captive in a bathroom.

Known Victims

  • January 5, 2008: Katie Owen and "Lindsey" Vaughn (both abducted):
    • Katie Owen (was raped and tortured by him and the others, then killed by Ryan the next day)
    • "Lindsey" Vaughn (was rescued two days later)