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"Submerged" is the tenth episode of Season Thirteen and the 287th overall of Criminal Minds.


The BAU searches for an unsub responsible for multiple backyard pool homicides.

Guest Cast

  • Shannon Merrill Brown - Timothy Kane
  • Connor Falk - Young Jess Carney
  • Jessi Fisher - Wanda Robbins
  • Preston Flagg - Smitty
  • Christina Gentry - Mrs. Kane
  • Steven Grayhm - Jess Carney
  • Carter Hastings - Leland Turner
  • Jason Her - Walter Knight
  • Brad Hunt - Casey Peters
  • Lou Diamond Phillips - Sheriff Clifford Mason
  • Jason Trevits - Mr. Kane
  • John Tyler Vogt - Larry Robbins


  • "Belong To You" by Sabrina Claudio
  • "When The Rain Comes" by Joanna Barbera

Bookend Quotes

  • Matthew Simmons: A Nakota proverb warns, "Do not speak of evil for it creates curiosity in the heart of the young."
  • David Rossi: "Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure." – Jalal Uddin Rumi


  • The backyard pool featured at the beginning of the episode belongs to series producer Harry Bring.
  • Despite being credited in the opening sequence, Matthew Gray Gubler, who portrays Reid, doesn't appear in the episode. This is actually the 24th of 29 episodes in which characters are credited despite not appearing in the episodes. The others are:
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