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He always said you were his family.
Stephen to Rossi

Stephen Gideon is the son of the deceased SSA Jason Gideon and his ex-wife, Dr. Jill Gideon, who physically appears in the Season Ten episode of Criminal Minds, "Nelson's Sparrow".


Born sometime in 1980 to Gideon and his ex-wife, Dr. Jill Gideon, Gideon named Stephen after his colleague's middle name David Stephen Rossi. As Stephen grew up, he became estranged from Gideon, feeling that his father preferred his job over him and even regretted having a child.

On Criminal Minds[]

Stephen was first mentioned in the Season One episode "Blood Hungry", where Gideon, having had concerns about their relationship, calls him after a case, signifying a possible change in their current relationship. He was later mentioned in "Riding the Lightning".

Stephen finally made a physical appearance ten seasons later, in the episode "Nelson's Sparrow". In the wake of Gideon's murder at the hands of a serial killer in Roanoke, Virginia, Stephen rushes to the crime scene and is visibly distraught by the news. He is interrogated by Hotch, who asks if Gideon mentioned any recent enemies, but Stephen cannot verify anyone who would have a grudge against his father. Later on, his father's murderer is tracked down and killed. He is then seen at the end of the episode when Rossi consoles him and tells him that he should call him if he needs any help.

In "North Star", it's revealed that he is now married and has inherited his father's old cabin.