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Smith & Wesson Brands .Inc, or more commonly referred to as Smith & Wesson (abbreviated to S&W) is an American firearm manufacturer.


S&W was originally formed in 1852 by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson in Norwich, Connecticut. The company originally started with developing the Volcanic rifle, subsequently having their company renamed Volcanic Repeating Arms and purchased by Oliver Winchester (the founder of Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which the VRA would later be reorganized as in 1866). Wesson stayed with the company long after Smith left it, eventually producing the company's first revolver after Samuel Colt (the founder of Colt)'s patent on the revolver was set to expire. Wesson eventually left Winchester and re=partnered with Smith to form the Smith & Wesson Revolver Company (which would later become the modern S&W). Together, the two began producing a long line of revolvers (which later became in popular demand during the American Civil War). They initially made small caliber revolvers, but began making larger caliber ones after the war ended, some of which would go on to be the first revolvers issued by various military and law enforcement agencies and continue to do so long after.

On Criminal Minds

Many S&W guns (primarily revolvers) have been featured on the show (as well as its spin-offs).

Smith & Wesson guns featured on the show

Real-World Criminals

The following real-world criminals used S&W guns in their crimes.