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So I'm thinking you and I need to talk.
Rutledge to Chloe Kelcher

Officer Sid Rutledge was a serial rapist and an accomplice of copycat serial killer Chloe Kelcher. He appeared in the Season Four episode of Criminal Minds, "The Angel Maker".


Rutledge was formerly a guard at an all-female prison but was let go after allegations that he was using his position to leverage sexual favors from inmates. He was immediately transferred to Hawkesville Prison in New Canaan, Ohio. At some point, the prison received a new inmate, Cortland Bryce Ryan, a serial killer who murdered six local women. A severe narcissist, Ryan started putting up his belongings for sale. Rutledge, who had access to these belongings through his job, started smuggling these items out of the prison and put them up on an auction website for serial killer memorabilia. He was eventually approached by Chloe Kelcher, a woman obsessed with Ryan, who wanted to impregnate herself with Ryan's child. Rutledge gave her a sample of Ryan's semen in exchange for sex. When her effort to birth Ryan's child failed, Kelcher started a series of copycat killings, in which she used Ryan's semen. This eventually led to the BAU being called in.

The Angel Maker[]

Rutledge gives a visiting Morgan Ryan's belongings and tells the agent about Ryan's many admirers, including an emo musician who sent Ryan his demo tape and some sheet music written in his own blood. When Morgan asks if Ryan smuggled anything out of the prison to his admirers, Rutledge replies that the prison has always worried about material being smuggled into the prison. Morgan then tells him that DNA was found at the crime scene; when Rutledge asks for specifics, Morgan merely tells him that the DNA is the type to be locked up without any use. At that moment, Rutledge realizes what happened and is a little unsettled, but it goes unnoticed by Morgan. He later goes to Kelcher's house and confronts her with the intention of blackmailing her. Off-screen, they go to Rutledge's house, where Rutledge intended to have sex with her in exchange for his silence, but Kelcher murders him instead. His body is later found by Morgan and Prentiss.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates: Numerous unnamed female inmates (all forced into having sex with him)
  • Unspecified date-September 2008: Chloe Kelcher (forced her into having sex with him in exchange for Angel Maker memorabilia)