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The Separatarian Sect was a cult that appeared in the Season Four episode of Criminal Minds, "Minimal Loss".



The Liberty Ranch

Libertarian Leo Kane founded the Liberty Ranch in La Plata County, Colorado in 1980 as a self-sustaining community. At some point a pregnant woman sought shelter with the group and joined them, giving birth to a son she named Charles Mulgrew. Charles was unusually intelligent and, at the age of seventeen, was kicked out of the ranch when several young girls claimed he had forced himself on them. Charles, now known as Benjamin Cyrus, returned to the ranch in 2000, shortly after the death of his mother. Ben ousted Leo from power, putting a gun to his head and claiming God told him to take over. With Leo gone (and later incarcerated for tax evasion and assault) Ben introduced religion to the ranch, effectively transforming it into a cult. Stockpiling weapons Ben also had his way with several young female members of the cult, even marrying a few of them. In 2008 the cult came under investigation when a 911 call from a member implicated Ben was having sexual relations with a minor. Getting calls from the authorities Ben agrees to allow three child interview experts in to talk to several of the girls living on the ranch.

Minimal Loss[]

See The Liberty Ranch hostage crisis article


  • Benjamin Cyrus (leader; deceased). Portrayed by Luke Perry.
  • Christopher Cole (second-in-command; deceased). Portrayed by Colby French.
  • Jessica Evanson (deceased). Portrayed by Jenna Boyd.
  • Kathy Evanson. Portrayed by Kathleen Wilhoite.
  • David James Merva (deceased). Portrayed by Michael Hogan.
  • Mary Meadows (incarcerated). Portrayed by Karen David.
  • Miles (killed in the first raid along with the two below)
  • Lauren
  • Robert
  • The Sutters family
    • Todd Sutters (father)
    • Melanie Sutters (mother)
    • Nicholas and Nathan Sutters (sons)
  • Evan and Janelle Radley
  • Josh Scorpi
  • Sean Ebbins
  • Sherry Gelman
  • Alice Danfield
  • Wyatt Rayborn
  • Rowanci Dell
  • Doris Beasley
  • Benny Jenford
  • Willis Farwell
  • Numerous other unnamed members

Mutual Victims[]

  • The botched first raid:
    • Bower (shot by an unknown member; died en route to the hospital)
    • An unnamed SWAT agent (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot by an unknown member)
  • Emily Prentiss and Spencer Reid (both held hostage):
    • Emily Prentiss (beaten to near-unconsciousness by Benjamin)
    • Spencer Reid (punched in the groin by Benjamin and later nearly killed by the chapel explosion)
  • The chapel bombing:
    • Numerous unnamed members (all killed when Jessica Evanson detonated the explosives in a suicide attack)
    • Derek Morgan and numerous SWAT agents (attempted; all were nearly caught up in the explosion)


  • Jenna Boyd, who portrayed Jessica Evanson, was born on March 4, 1993, while the Waco siege, the event that inspired "Minimal Loss", was underway. She was also born in Bedford, Texas, not far north from Waco.