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Sebastian Gasper is an international criminal and later attempted murderer who appears in Criminal Minds: Evolution.


Born sometime around January 1988[1], Gasper worked as a money man for various private military contractors and other shady criminal organizations. Through his work, was able to obtain forged passports from Nigeria, Italy, and Mexico.

On May 16, 2021, he began renting a storefront office space on K Street in Washington D.C. using an escrow account. This was later used to pay off a strike team that Gold Star killed, leading the BAU to investigate.

Criminal Minds: Evolution[]

Modus Operandi[]


No formal profile was made of Sebastian Gasper, as the BAU was focused on catching Gold Star.

Known Victims[]

  • 2023:
    • Teresa Campos (stalked)
    • Tyler Green (attempted to shoot)


  • Sebastian Gasper's nationality on his Mexican passport is listed as "Mexicana", a Spanish word that would refer to a woman.



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