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Season Two (also known as Season Seventeen) is the second season of Criminal Minds: Evolution. It has premiered on June 6, 2024, for ten episodes.





  • Michelle Ortiz as Teresa Campos
  • Felicity Huffman as Dr. Jill Gideon


Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode Series Episode
CM 1701 MY 0117 00551 RT.jpg "Gold Star" June 6, 2024 Erica Messer Doug Aarniokoski 1 335
The BAU probes a deadly Gold Star conspiracy while serial killer Elias Voit's custody transfer leads to a complication in their backyard. Facing their biggest threat yet, the team cannot remain unscathed from the mind-bending consequences.
CriminalMinds 1702 IMAGE 1920x1080 FINAL 2709005 1920x1080 "Contagion" June 6, 2024 Matthew Lau A.J. Cook 2 336
After a couple is killed with the same M.O. as the Strike Team killings, the BAU is set to uncover any similarities. Meanwhile, Tyler and Lewis hold a stakeout with an unexpected guest.
David-talks-to-tara-in-criminal-minds-evolution "Homesick" June 13, 2024 Sullivan Fitzgerald and Carlton Gillespie Adam Rodriguez 3 337
The BAU investigates the "Moving Day Murders" and track a ritualistic killer with a twisted method of subduing his victims. Tyler goes rogue to track down the latest Gold Star lead. Prentiss is targeted by conspiracy theorists.
CriminalMinds 1704 IMAGE 1920x1080 2714332 1920x1080 "Kingdom of the Blind" June 20, 2024 Chikodili Agwuna and Jayne A. Archer Joe Mantegna 4 338
While Voit's family says their final goodbyes to him, the BAU handle killings involving Gold Star's M.O. In the aftermath with Brian and Prentiss, Garcia works on a phone Tyler brought her
CriminalMinds 1705 IMAGE 1920x1080 2719691 1920x1080 Conspiracy vs. Theory" June 27, 2024 Breen Frazier Sharat Raju 5 339
The BAU enlists Voit to help capture Jade and Damien, the UnSubs behind the Gold Star killings. Damien and Jade get the upper hand and the BAU must watch as Voit tries to negotiate with them in order to avoid a mass casualty event.
Criminal-minds-evolution-1706-rossi-1420x798 "Message in a Bottle" July 4, 2024 Sullivan Fitzgerald and Carlton Gillespie Nelson McCormick 6 340
Alvez and Garcia profile who might be targeting Tyler's ex-girlfriend. JJ helps Prentiss work through an existential hangover. When Rossi's Voit delusions reach a breaking point, Rossi confronts Voit and unpack what has truly been haunting him.
CM 1707 MY 0328 01465 RT "Piranha" July 11, 2024 Chikodili Agwuna and Jayne A. Archer Aisha Tyler 7 341
The BAU zeroes in on a sadistic unsub in D.C. with a twisted M.O. Prentiss and Rossi dive into the BAU's history to find connections to Gold Star. Prentiss reaches out to someone from Rossi's past. Voit utilizes his lawyer to reach out to Damien.
CriminalMinds 1708 IMAGE 1920x1080 2731041 1920x1080 "North Star" July 18, 2024 Charles Dewey and Christopher Barbour Zach Gilford 8 342
The BAU tries to get ahead of Jade and Damien who are on a killing spree. Rossi must confront an old flame to unpack the secrets behind the Gold Star program. Tyler and Rebecca attempt to gain leverage over Elias Voit’s lawyer.
Screenshot "Stars & Stripes" July 25, 2024 Christopher Barbour Bethany Rooney 9 343
With Jade on the run, the BAU continues to assemble the pieces connecting Gold Star victims to Aida Limited. Jade and Dana follow Voit’s breadcrumbs to the heart of the “conspiracy.” A search warrant execution by the BAU has deadly consequences.
Screenshot "Save the Children" August 1, 2024 Breen Frazier Glenn Kershaw 10 344