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Season Two is the second and final season of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. On May 16th, 2016 CBS announced that Beyond Borders had been renewed for the 2016-2017 TV mid-season, with a standard initial order of 13 episodes. It premiered on March 8, 2017 and concluded on May 17, 2017. Like the first season, some episodes were shown out of production order.


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Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode Series Episode As Aired Episode
201 Lost Souls.jpg "Lost Souls" March 8, 2017 Erica Messer Alec Smight 1 14 1
When an entire church group spontaneously disappears, the IRT travels to Tanzania to investigate the cause and rescue them.
202 The Devil's Breath.png "The Devil's Breath" March 22, 2017 Adam Glass Oz Scott 2 15 3
When an American empties his bank account prior to his apparent suicide in Colombia, the IRT investigate to see if someone was behind his death.
203 Cinderella and the Dragon.png "Cinderella and the Dragon" April 12, 2017 Matthew Lau Diana Valentine 3 16 6
When two flight attendants go missing while in Singapore, the IRT is called in to locate them.
204 Il Mostro.png "Il Mostro" March 15, 2017 Christopher Barbour Leon Ichaso 4 17 2
The IRT travels to Italy when two corpses greatly resemble the M.O. of a very notorious murderer.
205 Made In....png "Made In..." April 5, 2017 Erica Meredith Jeannot Szwarc 5 18 5
The IRT travels to Bangladesh to locate two entrepreneurs who went missing while conducting business in the country. Meanwhile, Mae tries to help Seger move into a new home.
206 Pretty Like Me.png "Pretty Like Me" March 29, 2017 Daniele Nathanson Greg Prange 6 19 4
When an American college student is attacked, the IRT travel to South Korea to find the culprit. Also, Simmons tries to find his grandmother.
207 La Huesuda.png "La Huesuda" April 12, 2017 Adam Glass Rod Holcomb 7 20 7
When an American teenager dies shortly after partying in Tijuana, the IRT searches for the culprit. Also, Garrett learns something surprising about his son Ryan.
208 Pankration.png "Pankration" April 19, 2017 Ticona Joy Laura Belsey 8 21 8
The IRT travels to Greece to determine why an American businessman was found assaulted. Also, Garrett struggles to tell his wife about what happened to his son Ryan.
209 Blowback.png "Blowback" April 26, 2017 Christopher Barbour Nina Lopez-Corrado 9 22 9
When a suspect of a crime in Kurjikistan is murdered, the IRT is questioned by the FBI for their involvement.
210 Type A.png "Type A" May 3, 2017 Tim Clemente Christoph Schrewe 10 23 10
The IRT travel to Taipei to determine if an American recently accused of committing a crime has any connection with a cold case in New York.
211 Obey.png "Obey" May 10, 2017 Daniele Nathanson Constantine Makris 11 24 11
The IRT travels to Jamaica to investigate the causes behind the death of an American singer. Meanwhile, Garrett receives an update about his son Ryan.
212 Abominable.png "Abominable" May 17, 2017 Matthew Lau Jennifer Lynch 12 25 12
Monty joins the IRT on a trip to Nepal to investigate the death of an American on a yoga retreat.
213 The Ripper of Riga.png "The Ripper of Riga" May 17, 2017 Adam Glass Mikael Salomon 13 26 13
The IRT travels to Russia to locate an unsub who abducted an American ballerina. Also, Garrett gets into a conflict with an ex-KGB agent who escaped from prison.


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