Season Fourteen is the fourteenth season of Criminal Minds. On May 12, 2018, CBS announced the renewal of Criminal Minds for the 2018-2019 TV season, with an initial order of 15 episodes, with more possibly to be added. The season will premiere on October 3, 2018.


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Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode Series Episode
1401 THREEHUNDRED "300" October 3, 2018 Erica Messer Glenn Kershaw 1 300
When two agents are kidnapped by followers of Benjamin David Merva, the BAU works to stop a murderous prophecy from being fulfilled.
Screenshot "Starter Home" October 10, 2018 Bruce Zimmerman Diana Valentine 2 301
When mummified remains of numerous victims are found inside an elderly couple's home in South Carolina, the BAU is called in to investigate and track a serial killer. Meanwhile, Rossi reconnects with Krystall.
Screenshot "Rule 34" October 17, 2018 Christopher Barbour Alec Smight 3 302
The BAU must determine what connects six people that each received a mysterious package in order to identify the Unsub. Also, Simmons and his wife Kristy must deal with their son, who got suspended from school.
Screenshot "The Tall Man" October 31, 2018 Breen Frazier Matthew Gray Gubler 4 303
As the BAU attempts to connect the disappearance of three East Allegheny, Pennsylvania teenagers with a regional ghost story, JJ starts remembering the events surrounding her older sister's death.
Screenshot "Innocence" October 24, 2018 Stephanie SenGupta Lily Mariye 5 304
The BAU look for additional suspects when a ritualistic killer claims another victim just after they closed in on a prime suspect. Also, Prentiss helps Garcia sooth her behavior after her abduction.
Screenshot "Luke" November 7, 2018 Erik Stiller Joe Mantegna 6 305
As the BAU investigates four murders committed over a three-day span, Alvez becomes emotionally involved when the case is linked to his work with the DEA and their search for an infamous hitman.
Screenshot "Twenty Seven" November 14, 2018 Erica Meredith Sharat Raju 7 306
The BAU race against the clock to find what's motivating multiple unsubs to murder every 27 minutes.
Screenshot "Ashley" November 21, 2018 Stephanie Birkit Adam Rodriguez 8 307
As the BAU searches New Hampshire for the unsub responsible for a double homicide and kidnapping, Rossi decides to take his relationship with Krystall to the next level.
Screenshot "Broken Wing" --- James T. Clemente Aisha Tyler 9 308
Screenshot "Flesh and Blood" --- Christopher Barbour Glenn Kershaw 10 309
Screenshot "Night Lights" --- Heather Noel Aldridge Nelson McCormick 11 310
Screenshot "---" --- --- Simon Mirren 12 311
Screenshot "Chameleon" --- Breen Frazier and Charles Dewey A.J. Cook 13 312
Screenshot "---" --- --- Rob Bailey 14 313
Screenshot "---" --- Erica Messer and Kirsten Vangsness Glenn Kershaw 15 314