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Sean Martin Michael Maguire is a British actor and singer best known for his roles in Grange Hill, Eve, and The Class.


Maguire was born on April 18, 1976, in London, England. He and his whole family were prominent in London's Irish community and performed regularly at events and in competitions as dancers. When he was five years old, he started acting, and when he turned eleven, he took the role of Tegs Ratcliffe on the BBC-produced children's drama Grange Hill. Maguire then joined the cast of the British soap-opera East Enders in 1993, then pursuing a career in music shortly afterward, releasing three albums. However, sometime in 1996, he decided to leave the music venue and also began to act in feature films, appearing in Waterland and the made-for-TV film Prince Charming. Maguire then portrayed one of the main characters of the American sitcom Eve, and also appeared on the short-lived CBS-produced sitcom The Class, in which he portrayed a homosexual character. Next, Maguire appeared in the critically-panned film Meet the Spartans, which was successful in the box office despite the negative reception. In April 2009, he recently appeared as the lead character in Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, a comedy-fantasy TV series that premiered on Comedy Central.

On Criminal Minds[]

Luiz portrayed bar manager and serial rapist Thane Parks in the Season Eight episode "Brothers Hotchner".


  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013) as Robin Hood
  • Once Upon a Time (2013) as Robin Hood (2 episodes)
  • Criminal Minds - "Brothers Hotchner" (2013) TV episode - Thane Parks
  • Scott & Bailey (2012-2013) as PC Sean McCartney (14 episodes)
  • Songs for Amy (2012) as Sean
  • Death in Paradise (2011) as Marlon Collins
  • Bedlam (2011) as Sean (3 episodes)
  • Lovelives (2011) as Blake
  • Undercovers (2010) as Clive
  • CSI: NY (2010) as Alex Brodevesky
  • Cold Case (2010) as Phil
  • Mister Eleven (2009) as Dan (TV miniseries, 2 episodes)
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire (2009) as Kröd Mändoon (6 episodes)
  • Cupid (2009) as Dave
  • Meet the Spartans (2008) as Leonidas
  • The Dukes (2007) as Dave
  • LA Blues (2007) as Jack Davis
  • The Class (2006-2007) as Kyle Lendo (19 episodes)
  • Eve (2003-2006) as Donovan Brink (66 episodes)
  • The Third Wish (2005) as Brandon
  • Off Centre (2001-2002) as Euan Crispin Pierce (28 episodes)
  • Prince Charming (2000) as Prince Charming
  • Urban Gothic (2000) as Jude
  • Out of Depth (2000) as Paul Nixon
  • Sunburn (2000) as Lee Wilson (8 episodes)
  • Holby City (1999) as Darren Ingram (2 episodes)
  • Dear Nobody (1997) as Chris
  • Scene (1997) as Alan
  • Dangerfield (1995) as Marty Dangerfield (17 episodes)
  • EastEnders (1993) as Aidan (63 episodes)
  • Waterland (1992) as Peter (credited as Sean McGuire)
  • Growing Pains (1992) as Jason Begley
  • Dodgem (1991) as Simon Leighton (6 episodes)
  • Grange Hill (1988-1991) as Tegs Ratcliffe (45 episodes)

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