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Scott Davis is a member of a Singapore-based smuggling ring who appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, "Cinderella and the Dragon".


Davis is an East Coast art dealer who was in collusion with Singaporean gang leader Al Gui, who was running an international rare fish smuggling and breeding operation. Davis was promised a cut of the profits if he made checkpoint stations under the guise of his art dealing business. Davis’ employees were typically ex-cons, knowing they wouldn’t tell about what he really hired them for. Davis was also employed by the ring as a scout for flight attendants, who’d be solicited to smuggle fish in their uniforms and pass them off to Al Gui’s goons at airports. Davis would charm and at times seduce flight attendants, particularly women, when he met them in America. His latest targets were Kathy Hall and Jane Wicks. He started a relationship with Kathy, but Jane never liked Davis and was always suspicious. Jane was the strongest opposer to Davis wh his true intentions were revealed, so he kidnapped Kathy’s brother Will and held him captive as leverage. He threatened to kill Will if the two women didn’t assist the ring in the smuggling operations. They originally agreed, but with Will not being safely returned and the demands increasing, Jane and Kathy wanted out and were ready to turn to the authorities.

Cinderella and the Dragon[]

Jane was killed in Singapore at the baggage conveyor belt, Kathy left to run for her life and take the blame. Davis was questioned and played dumb to everything, elaborating into his relationship with Kathy and arguing she’s know killer and the find the guilty parties responsible. When the police eventually suspected Davis of kidnapping Will, he was brought in to be interrogated by Monty again, with the lie that Kathy was on a spree to shake him up. It was enough he called one of the gangsters, Han Bo Sheng, who was murdered so Kathy could be lured to the crime scene as another frame job. When Monty confronted him, Davis was ready to speak to his lawyer, denying everything. When Monty revealed a federal judge warranted his business be investigated, and Will was found in a low-rate storage unit in Baltimore, he demanded again to know about the gang, but Davis kept quiet. Monty placed him under arrest, and Davis was later incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Davis would rely on his good looks and charm as a scout for flight staff he’d hope to recruit for the smuggling ring, and the staff would carry the fish in their uniforms to pass off to Al Gui’s gangsters. When he wasn’t appealing to and manipulating attendants or starting relationships with them, he’d take alternative measures by threats and other aggressive action. With Kathy Hall, he kidnapped her brother Will and held him captive for as long as Davis was told by the ring Kathy and Jane were needed, under the false hope that Will would be released and returned to her in one piece. For his part of the smuggling business, and to hold Will captive, Davis usually kept storage units, typically unkempt and in darker corners and higher crime areas of cities. He would hire workers with criminal records for easy labor to subject to his demands, as well as who’d be lost in his criminal enterprises for his business activities to be checked and who wouldn’t sell him out.


No official profile was made of Davis, as the IRT was more focused on Jane’s murder, Kathy, and the smuggling gang as a whole. The agents agreed Davis’ M.O. was using his charisma and drawing out “long cons” to manipulate people to do what he wants. Monty compared him to Tom Sawyer, a figure who escapes work by making other people do the tasks for him while he’s the “puppet master” of his own division of the operations.

Known Victims[]

  • Will Hall (abducted and held captive; was rescued)