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Detective Sam Ogilvie is a Miami detective who appears in Seasons Eight and Twelve of Criminal Minds.


Absolutely nothing is known about Ogilvie, other than he worked as a detective for the Miami Police Department. When he learned of several puppies being beaten and suffocated with a plastic bag, he considered calling in the BAU for assistance, apparently out of fear that the killer would eventually move on to human victims, but the suggestion was turned down by the higher-ups, who felt that dead dogs weren't worth the trouble.

On Criminal Minds[]

Ogilvie finally enlists the BAU when the same killer murders a prostitute named Amanda Lopez. He greets Hotch and JJ, shows them the BAU's conference room, and gives them a list of pet owners that the team asked for. Hours later, Ogilvie reports the discovery of another murdered prostitute to the team. When a third prostitute is found dead, he leads Hotch, JJ, and Rossi to the crime scene and gives them information on the victim. He later listens to the BAU as they deliver their profile on the unsubs.

Ogilvie reappeared in "Taboo", when he enlists the BAU to assist the investigation into two women drowned in concrete and found in steel drums. He is seen listening to the BAU as they deliver the profile on the unsub.