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You will lose in the end. ...You want to know why? Because you fear what we embrace.
Sam to Morgan

Sam (possibly a fake name) was a terrorist, cop killer, bomber, and member of a terrorist cell who appeared in the Season Four episode of Criminal Minds, "Mayhem".


Not much is known about Sam, and even the legitimacy of his name is put into question. What is known is that he was chosen by the terrorist cell to be among the first wave of suicide bombers.

Lo-Fi (Part 1)[]

At the end of the episode, he detonates a bomb that he placed under a government-owned SUV. He doesn't actually appear in person until the next episode.

Mayhem (Part 2)[]

At the beginning of "Mayhem", it is revealed that the SUV belonged to Hotch and SSA Kate Joyner, who are both investigating the terrorist cell along with the rest of the BAU. Sam approaches a slightly injured, recovering Hotch and asks if he is okay, but the agent doesn't respond. He remains at the scene with Hotch and the severely wounded Joyner until Morgan manages to get past a police barricade, which is set up from fears of an ambush bombing and tells Sam to leave. Minutes later, Garcia, examining security footage recording the minutes preceding the SUV bombing, realizes that Sam placed and detonated the bomb and alerts Morgan. Morgan pursues Sam to a subway tunnel, where he manages to corner him. However, Sam calmly taunts him and then commits suicide by electrocuting himself on the train tracks. Joyner later dies of her wounds at a hospital.

Modus Operandi[]

Since Sam only killed one victim in a single attack, the term "M.O." is slightly misused. Sam placed a bomb under a government-owned SUV and then detonated it when Hotch and Joyner came close.

Known Victims[]

  • May 21, 2008: The government SUV bomb at Federal Plaza: