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Ryan Garrett is an undercover FBI agent and the eldest son of International Response Team Unit Chief Jack Garrett.


At some point in his life, he joined the FBI and became an agent. He goes to church with his family a lot.

Season Two[]

Ryan is mentioned in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders where he is mentioned by his father that he joined the FBI Academy and became an agent.

He later appears in the episode "La Huesuda" where he is undercover. Unfortunately, he crossed paths with his father. To maintain his cover, he assaulted his father by punching him and was later restrained by Simmons where his father scolded at him for not letting him know. Later in the episode, he helps his father solve the case and is later put in a Mexican prison after his cover is blown.

In the episode "Obey", he is mentioned where he is taken out of the Mexican prison after his assignment was botched.

His final appearance is in "The Ripper of Riga" where he is held hostage by one of his father's criminals put away years ago. He was later handcuffed and beaten but still alive. When the unsub forced Ryan to kill his father, he shoots his father non-fatally on the shoulder and later kicks his father's loaded gun towards his father for him to kill the unsub.