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Why aren't you helping me?
Riley to Reid in "The Instincts"

Riley Jenkins was a murder victim of Spencer Reid's past. He appeared in Season Four of Criminal Minds via flashbacks.


Riley Jenkins was the youngest of two boys born to Lou Jenkins and an unnamed mother. His family became acquainted with the Reid family as the father, William Reid, coached the local Little League baseball team he was a member of. It is unsure if Riley was a friend of Spencer's. In 1984, when he was six, he was spotted by Gary Michaels when he was walking home alone from a T-ball game, due to his parents working late, and was either offered a lift to his house or was merely followed. After being coaxed into the basement by Michaels, he was raped and stabbed nine times in the chest by him with a knife in the fishing gear under the stairs, leaving his body stuffed behind a washing machine; his mouth was taped shut either before or after doing so. His murder left the family in distraught, especially Lou, who was supposed to pick him up but got delayed at work and his mother, who found his body after arriving home that early evening.

Season Four[]

The Instincts[]

Riley appears via flashbacks and dreams Reid has been having lately as the BAU investigates an abduction of a young boy. During a funeral, Reid has a vision of Riley sitting up after his casket lid slowly opens; he stares at Reid, asking why isn't Reid helping him.


After the completion of the last case, Reid continues to have visions and dreams as well as repressed memories about Riley's death, thus decides to stay in Las Vegas to do a solo investigation with help from the team. Finally, the truth in the aftermath of Riley's death is revealed to Reid by his parents, William and Diana. Mrs. Reid had seen Riley's killer, Gary Michaels, at Spencer's ball games and the park; Diana even noticed him playing chess with her son. When she sensed something was wrong by the way he looked at Reid, she alerted Riley's father Lou. Lou, who looked into Michaels' history and realizing who he really was, alerted Diana and had her led him to Michaels' house two nights later. Lou told Diana to go home before he brought an aluminum baseball bat with him and stormed into Michaels' house. Diana soon walked into Michaels' house and witness Lou beat Michaels to death and accidentally managed to get some of Gary's blood on her. William found out and fearing Diana could be charged as an accessory to the murder, burned her bloody clothes.