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Doctor Ray Mathis is a minor recurring character on Criminal Minds.


Absolutely nothing is known about Mathis, other than he got a job as a coroner in San Diego, California. He has shown members of the BAU the bodies of victims whenever they investigate cases in San Diego.

The Stranger[]

Mathis shows Hotch and Rossi the bodies of Greg Phinney's first three victims and points out the defensive wounds on their arms. He also confirms Hotch's question that the number of stab wounds increased with each victim, adding that the first victim's stab wounds showed hesitation, with the fatal wounds being directed at the heart. When Rossi asks if the wounds indicated the unsub had medical knowledge, Mathis says the unsub could have gotten lucky. He then says that by the time the unsub claimed his third victim, he had grown confident.

The Pact[]

Mathis reunites with Rossi and is introduced to Blake while showing them the bodies of Brenda Wipley and Mark Logan, the victims of Ellen Russell and Darlene Beckett. He asks Rossi if it really took the Los Angeles medical examiner four hours to find Logan's entire body, and Rossi confirms it. Mathis comments that Wipley had it easy, since she was killed by a series of blows to the head and dragged by a car post-mortem rather than ante-mortem.