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Ray Campion is a proxy killer and the sociopathic manager of Paul Davies. He appears in the Season Five episode of Criminal Minds, "The Performer".


Nothing about Ray's early life has been revealed, other than he became the manager of Goth music star, Paul Davies. Along with the role of being Ray's manager, he also acts as his client's guardian and, sometimes, caregiver. However, behind his well-meaning care of and friendship with Paul, lies a cold and calculating sociopath who will do everything to keep Dante in the spotlight, even if it costs innocent lives.

The Performer[]

He eventually decided to use an obsessed Dante fan, a severe schizophrenic named Gina King, to kill several of Dante's fans as part of a plan to promote Dante's new album, "The Liar." Using her belief that Dante is a real-life vampire, he promises her that Dante will turn her into one of the undead, in exchange for committing murders. However, he likely plans on either killing her or having her take the fall, believing that the authorities and media will just see her as a deranged fan. However, his plans are foiled by JJ who is trying to interview Gina about her best friend Tara Ferris (unaware Gina is actually the unsub). Ray hits her over the head with a shovel and tries to convince Gina to finish the job to make it look like a part of the serial killings, but Gina is reluctant as he had originally promised that Tara would be the last one. It is also revealed he had her kill Erin Hickman, whom Paul had brought home with him after his album release party due to drugs. He finally manages to convince her to kill JJ, only to find she regains consciousness. J.J. turns the tables on the manager by hitting him over the head with her sidearm. He and Gina are then arrested by the rest of the BAU, with Ray trying to shift blame solely on Gina for the murders.

Known Victims[]

  • 2009:
    • October 31: Melody Gladford (killed by Gina)
    • November 7: Brooke Dorison (killed by Gina like the previous victim)
    • November 10: Tara Ferris (killed by Gina; The Liar was written in blood on her arm post-mortem)
    • November 11:
      • Erin Hickman (killed by Gina; The Liar was written in blood on her chest post-mortem)
      • Jennifer Jareau (attempted, but survived; knocked out with a shovel and ordered Gina to kill her, but she failed)