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You heard me. And you'd better keep your damn mouth shut.
Jones threatens Sam Pritchett

Randall Jefferson Jones was a convicted serial rapist who became an accomplice of Dale Shavers. He appeared in the Season Ten episode of Criminal Minds, "Lockdown".


Jones was a serial rapist who was later caught and tried for his crimes. He was sentenced to twenty years at the Reagan Federal Penitentiary. At the penitentiary, he gained the trust of Dale Shavers, the head of security, after giving him reliable information from time-to-time. When Shavers and several other prison guards set up a fight club and used prisoners as their fighters, Jones volunteered to help round up potential fighters. He also became Shavers' spy and informant. As a result of his help, Jones achieved 'privileged' status, giving him more efficient privileges than that of other inmates. Recently, he got a new cellmate, Devon White, who became one of the unwilling participants in the fight club. Jones presumably raped White repeatedly to keep him quiet, as White's infirmary records indicated signs of sexual assault during some of his visits.


When several people connected to Shavers and the fight club are murdered by Patrick Butler, the BAU is called to investigate. As a result, Jones confronts Sam Pritchett, one of the inmates involved in the fight club, and threatens him, telling him to keep his mouth shut. Later on, he takes a shower, but is ambushed by Butler, who raped Jones, broke seven of his fingers, and then bound and gagged him before boiling him to death in scalding water spraying from the showers.

Modus Operandi[]

Because Jones wasn't primarily focused on in the episode, absolutely nothing is known about how Jones raped his victims or what his victimology was.


No official profile of Jones was made by the BAU.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates:
    • Numerous unnamed victims (all raped prior to his arrest and incarceration)
    • Devon White (his cellmate; presumably raped repeatedly)


  • Jones is similar to Sid Rutledge ("The Angel Maker") - Both were serial rapists and criminal accomplices who were murdered by the unsubs that were the primary focus of the episodes they appeared in. In both cases, their crimes would be discovered by the BAU following their deaths.