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"Rabid" is the eighteenth episode of Season Nine and the 204th overall of Criminal Minds.


When three bodies are found with animal and human bite marks in a shallow grave near Milwaukee, the BAU has many puzzling questions to answer. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia work out for a company fitness test, but try to hide their preparation from Morgan.

Guest Cast[]

  • Phil Abrams - Doctor Weinstein
  • George Alvarez - Officer Kowalski
  • Chris Coy - Russell Holmes
  • Brittani Ebert - Soccer Mom
  • Stone Eisenmann - Hunter Cunningham (voice)
  • Ayana Hampton - Jogger
  • Christopher Hatfield - Mr. Foley
  • Shawn Kathryn Kane - Nanny
  • Tammy Lauren - Liz Foley
  • Dana Melanie - Gloria Wilson
  • Steve Monroe - David Wade Cunningham
  • Jacqueline Scislowski - Foley Daughter #1
  • Hannah Swain - Foley Daughter #2
  • Chloe Wepper - Barista


  • "Bambadam (Original Club Mix)" by Jason Rivas

Bookend Quotes[]

  • Spencer Reid: "It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has." — Hippocrates
  • Derek Morgan: "True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils." — Baltasar Gracián


  • Promos for the episode advertise the unsub as turning his victims into "zombies". Considering the unsub's true M.O., the episode could be an obscure allusion to a 1977 Canadian horror film, also titled Rabid, which involves a woman whose unique plastic surgery is capable of turning people into "rabid zombies" whose bites spread the disease.
  • Stone Eisenmann, the child actor who voiced Hunter Cunningham, previously appeared in Criminal Minds, starring as young Billy Flynn in the Season Six episode "The Longest Night".

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