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He wants us to do it.
Polly to Kelly

Polly Homefeldt is an incidental character who appears in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds, "North Mammon."


Little is known about Polly's personal life other than her own father abandoning the family twelve years earlier and her mother has a history of depression and was on medication. Polly was also on the North Mammon High School varsity soccer team with her friends Brooke Chambers and Kelly Seymour; receiving and accepting an athletic scholarship to Penn State. She was having a sleepover with them at the former's house and was in the shower when Marcus Younger when abducted them.

North Mammon[]

In the episode, Marcus locks Polly and her friends in the basement and tells them that two will leave alive while one will die, and the choice of who should die is theirs. Polly didn't want to kill anyone but Kelly convinced her to choose Brooke to be killed due to her cough worsening, suggesting they can get help for her once they escape. Polly starts to hesitate when Marcus drops two hammers into the basement for them to kill Brooke themselves, but Kelly remains adamant. Brooke manages to gather enough strength to take one of the hammers and strike Kelly in the head, killing her instantly. Polly gets some of Kelly's blood on her. Marcus then makes good on his promise and releases the two surviving girls, who later reunite with their parents. Polly is then asked by JJ to point Marcus out in a picture that is in the police station.