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A Poisoner is, as titled, a person who uses poison in their attacks against people.

The international pictogramme for poisonous substances. The skull and crossbones has long been a standard symbol for poison.


There are numerous motivations behind the usage of poison, but it usually is a means of killing victims whilst avoiding being immediately suspected. Poisoners have some similarities with bombers: they plan meticulously, nurse long grudges, and retaliate far out of proportion to any injury that they feel they have received. Poisoners are the one category of killers that women might outnumber men.

Types of Poisoners

  1. True Believers - They are political terrorists or religious cult members.
  2. Extortionists - They hold companies hostage for ransom.
  3. Pranksters - They are teenagers who do it as a practical joke and usually don't mean any harm.
  4. Avengers - They seek to exact revenge using poison as their weapon.
  5. Angels of Death - They commit mercy killings using poison as their weapon.

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