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You know, all I ever really wanted to do was make music, and I'm not sure when that stopped being enough.

Paul Davies, a.k.a. "Dante", is an incidental character who was considered a suspect for Gina King's murders. He appeared in the Season Five episode of Criminal Minds, "The Performer".


Dante, as Paul is professionally called, is a Goth rock musician. His persona is that of a vampiric rocker, with many similarities to the portrayal of Alice Cooper by Vincent Furnier, or the character Lestat, created by Anne Rice (although Lestat is a "real" vampire in her books). He has a vast number of obsessed followers who are fanatical and willing to do whatever it takes to meet and/or please him. It is mentioned that he was arrested for domestic violence in 1999 and the charges were apparently dropped. He was also once charged with battery, but it was expunged.

The Performer[]

Paul was considered a suspect in the murders of several fans, but it is later found out that Paul actually had nothing to do with the murders; he was only the inspiration. It is shown in the episode that Paul is an alcoholic and possibly a drug addict (though drug use is not explicitly shown). He is an aging, washed-up rock star struggling to maintain appearances. The title of his latest album, The Liar, was etched on the arms of the victims. By the end of the episode, it is revealed that his manager Ray Campion and one of his fans, Gina King were responsible for the murders. Daives was horrified to realize that his own manager arranged the murders. He is ultimately exonerated from the crimes but dismayed on what happened.


  • Davies is similar to Lila Archer ("Somebody's Watching") - Both were celebrities who lived in Los Angeles and had a female fan of theirs murder people to promote their respective careers (Maggie killed people who she perceived as threats to Lila's acting career, while Gina King killed Davies' fans to promote his upcoming album at the behest of his manager.) Additionally, in both cases, the fan was institutionalized after their arrest, and both primarily interacted with a single BAU agent (Prentiss in Davies' case, Reid in Archer's.)
  • The song that Davies performs at the beginning of the episode is Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. Steffan Fantini, one of the Criminal Minds' soundtrack composers, makes an uncredited cameo in the scene as his keyboard player/backup singer.