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Patricia "Trish" Davenport is a young woman who was abducted by the murderous stalker Vincent Shyer. She appeared in the Season One episode of Criminal Minds, "Broken Mirror".


Trish and her twin sister, Cheryl were born to Evan Davenport, an Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney and his unnamed wife, who died sometime after their birth. The only difference between them was that Patricia was born with a non-life threatening condition called situs inversus, meaning some of her internal organs were located on her right side, instead of her left. Due to his work as a prosecutor, Evan received death threats on numerous occasions and was assigned U.S. Marshals three times in the decade prior to the episode. At their father's insistence, the twins received self-defense training and he hired personal bodyguards to accompany the girls wherever they went, however, he predicted that the girls would refuse the additional security as they grew older. This proved to be true when Cheryl spent her teenage years avoiding the protective details and Trish refused U.S. Marshal protection after their eighteenth birthday. Two years prior to the episode, Trish entered a relationship with a man named Jordan while Cheryl moved away to study physics in college. Not wanting to tell their father, Trish confided in Cheryl that she and Jordan were getting engaged.

Broken Mirror[]

At the beginning of the episode, Trish and Jordan are seen leaving a house party. Saying that Jordan is drunk, Trish tries taking his car keys from him but he denies it. Trish then tells him to test his balance and when he passes, they kiss before driving off. During the drive, Jordan becomes distracted and almost hits a pickup truck parked in the middle of the road. After they briefly inspect the vehicle, Trish states that she wants to leave and Jordan follows her back to the car. However, they are unable to find the keys and while they look, Trish looks up and sees someone pointing a gun at them. Jordan is then shot in the face and Trish is abducted.

Off-screen, the unsub forces Trish to write a ransom letter to Evan, telling him to expect a ransom call. Later when the call is made, a disoriented Trish briefly speaks to Cheryl, telling her that she "sees the moon". At the end of the episode, after the unsub is identified by the BAU as Vincent Shyer, an FBI agent and the son of one of Evan's friends, Reid and Gideon rescue Trish from Shyer's hideout. She is last seen being loaded into an ambulance accompanied by her father and sister.