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Doctor Pat Lewis is a minor recurring character on Criminal Minds.


Absolutely nothing is known about Pat, other than she got a job as a coroner in Phoenix, Arizona. She has shown members of the BAU the bodies of victims whenever they investigate cases in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The Inspiration[]

Pat shows Hotch and Blake the body of Emma Coleman, the fourth victim of serial killer Wallace Hines. She clarifies Emma's cause of death and the fact that she was raped repeatedly. She then shows the two agents an incisor tooth found in Emma's stomach. When Hotch asks if Emma swallowed her own tooth, Pat denies it and says that it belongs to someone else before cleaning the tooth in a cup of water.


Pat later shows Morgan and Lewis the body of Stephen Jackson, a security guard killed by William Taylor. She tells them that Stephen suffered from brutal torture, including facial fractures, burns, and extensive bruising. When Morgan asks for the cause of death, she replies that it is possibly cardiac arrest induced by electroshock. When Morgan expresses his belief that the unsub is ex-military, judging by his knowledge of multiple torture techniques, Pat remarks that they can also be easily learned through Google, citing personal experiences. Lewis then notices smaller wounds on Stephen's eyelids, and when she asks about it, Pat replies that they were caused by stapling, and that the wounds were inflicted ante-mortem.