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Detective (later Lieutenant) Owen Kim is a Los Angeles detective (and later lieutenant) who appeared in Seasons One and Five on Criminal Minds.


Not much is known about Kim's personal life, other than he became a police detective prior to the events of his debut.

Somebody's Watching[]

Ian Anthony Dale in first appearance

Kim in "Somebody's Watching".

Kim is among those attending Gideon and Reid's lecture on criminals when he receives a call. He later tells Gideon that he and the LAPD have been dealing with a series of murders that have been occurring for the past time, and that two new victims were added to the list. Asking Gideon for assistance on the case, Kim's offer is accepted and the BAU arrive at Los Angeles. After an investigation, they realize that the murders are occurring around Lila Archer, a young Hollywood actress who was allegedly stalked for around the past month.

Kim and Morgan later visit the workplace of Joseph Martinez, a paparazzi photographer who has come under suspicion of being the unsub. There, they find sensitive photographs of Archer, some of which include Reid, who has been assigned to protect her. They also find a schedule for the TV show Archer is currently starring in, something that only the show staff can acquire. Concluding that Martinez is the unsub, Kim and Morgan leave the building and are about to get inside Kim's police cruiser when a motorcyclist passes them and opens fire, catching Kim on the shoulder and nearly hitting Morgan several times. Kim is sent to the hospital and isn't seen again, but he survives his gunshot wound. The BAU later clears Martinez and eventually catches the true culprit, Archer's production assistant Maggie Lowe.

The Performer[]

Kim reappears when he summons the BAU after a cannibalistic serial killer murders a third victim. After experiencing an awkward moment in which he finds that Morgan is now in charge of the BAU for reasons not mentioned to him, Kim lets the BAU settle in. They later theorize a rock star, Paul Davies, to be the killer, but he is let off the hook eventually. When a fourth victim is killed, the BAU later conclude the unsub to be Gina King when JJ attempts to interrogate her as King was the friend of the third victim. King and her partner, Davies' manager Ray Campion, are later apprehended when they attempt to kill JJ and are sent to prison.