"Outfoxed" is the eighth episode of Season Five and the 99th overall of Criminal Minds.


While investigating a series of murders of families in Hampton, Virginia, the BAU is forced to visit Red Onion Supermax Prison to seek advice from one of the most atrocious killers from the team's past, who delivers a portentous message to Hotch.

Guest Cast

  • Marissa Armijo - Marissa
  • Neill Barry - Captain Joseph Downey
  • Noah James Butler - Guard
  • Sam Cohen - Paul Downey
  • Kimberly Crandall - Jane Young
  • James Fallon - Himself
  • Dominique Grund - Stacy Young
  • Neal Jones - Karl Arnold
  • Kristina Klebe - Miranda Jakar
  • Savannah Lathem - Lucy Downey
  • Hope Levy - Laura Downey
  • Joseph Marsh - Billy Young
  • Dylan Matzke - Nick Forester
  • Maria McCann - Samantha Forester
  • Lorin McCraley - Garrett Pain
  • Andrea Thompson - Detective Anne Hudson
  • Joshua Rush - Ronny Downey
  • Sydney Sweeney - Dani Forester

Referenced Criminals

Bookend Quotes

  • Derek Morgan: "Man usually avoids attributing cleverness to somebody else, unless it's an enemy." - Albert Einstein

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