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I bring Il Mostro back from dead, yeah? I bring you both woman who want to punish you, see you suffer. Papa? See what I do? What I am?

Onario Alighieri, a.k.a. "The Monster of Florence" or "Il Mostro di Firenze", was a serial killer who appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, "Il Mostro".


Alighieri was born to siblings Dominico and Renada Scarpa, the result of a rape committed by Dominico upon Renada. Before his birth, Scarpa was prosecuted for the sexual assault, but Renada, having been painted as a drug-addicted, mentally unstable woman by the defense, fled to Naples before the end of the trial, in which Scarpa was acquitted. At Naples, in the end of 1994, Renada attempted to self-induce a late-term abortion, but it failed and she died in the process, resulting in Alighieri's birth. He was then left in the care of his grandmother Elisa, who named him "Onario Alighieri". The surname was the same as Italian poet Dante Alighieri, and was meant as a cruel joke. Elisa was abusive towards Alighieri, who suffered from developmental challenges due to being a product of incest.

When he was fifteen, Alighieri, having already developed a propensity for violence, drowned a female classmate and was sentenced to a youth detention facility located outside Rome. He stayed there until his 21st birthday, after which he was immediately discharged in 2016. Hoping to understand his violent, murderous impulses, Alighieri sought out Elisa, who revealed the existence of his father to him, and the fact that he was a prime suspect in the case of the Monster of Florence, an uncaught Italian serial killer who murdered a total of seven couples. Alighieri subsequently developed a twisted sense of self and tried to reach out to Scarpa the following year. Scarpa initially shunned him, but then realized this was an opportunity to ensure the Monster lived on even after his death. As a result, he instructed Alighieri to carry out a series of murders using his M.O.

Il Mostro[]

One night, Alighieri sets his sights on Peyton Moss and Gina Price when he approaches them from his car. Alighieri gets out of the car, approaches them and shoots Peyton. Gina gets out of the car and flees, but Alighieri shoots her and she falls. Gina begs him not to kill her, but he ignores her pleas and kills her. Afterwards, he takes Gina's phone and calls her sister, Alison. By this time, Alison has gone to the police and tells Commissario Galterio Conde about her sister. Alison and Galterio answer Alison's phone, who they think it is Gina, but it was a recording of Alighieri's murder of Gina. Afterwards, Alighieri leaves the box of Gina's genitals and Gina's phone by the fountain, where the police find them. The next night, Alighieri targets a couple named Rory Poole and Diane Roberts. He ambushes them and kills them. Afterwards, he uses his surgical equipment to remove Roberts' genitals.

The following night, Alighieri is seen dancing while holding knives and throwing papers on the floor while an opera is playing on the radio. Then, he folds a paper and puts it in an envelope. Later, the IRT identify Alighieri as the unsub and Scarpa is involved, including killing people in the past. The team splits up, and Seger goes to Carmela Tafani's residence where she finds out that Scarpa has abducted her and is about to kill her. When Seger tells Scarpa to let go of Carmela, Alighieri ambushes her from behind and tells her to drop the gun, which she does. While both men hold the two women hostage, they both try to reason with them, but Alighieri tells them that no one is going anywhere. Then, Alighieri tells Scarpa that he brought both women to him, who wants to punish them and make them suffer. As Alighieri is about to shoot Seger under Scarpa's order, she tells him that Scarpa is not listening and that Alighieri did all the murders for his father and he still doesn't see him for what he is. Seger continues saying that he brought both of them to show them what he really is. At first, Alighieri denies it, but he starts to believe what Seger is saying. He holds his father at gunpoint and is about to kill him, when Seger takes out a gun from her ankle holster and shoots Alighieri twice, killing him instantly. Then, the team shows up and arrests Scarpa afterward.

Modus Operandi[]

In order to give off the impression that the actual Monster had returned, Alighieri copied Scarpa's M.O. perfectly, targeting couples making out in public properties and shooting them with the very .22 Beretta his father used in the original murders. He would first shoot the males in a sudden ambush, then the females while they were attempting to escape. After killing the female victims, he would mutilate their genitalia with Scarpa's own surgical blades and wear surgical gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints. All of the victims were tourists from either the U.S. and the U.K.; though this appeared to be a coincidence, it could also be a reference to the fact that some of Scarpa's victims were tourists from other Western countries.

When he killed his first victim, he drowned her in an unspecified manner. During the standoff at Carmela Tafani's home, he used a .22-caliber Beretta U22 Neos pistol, presumably the same weapon he used in his other crimes.


The IRT briefly profiled Alighieri as an abused and emotionally abandoned boy who was tormented by innate impulses to do harm onto others. He doesn't understand these impulses and certainly cannot control them, and believes there is an explanation for them in his family's history. After finding his father, he developed a twisted sense of self and believed that the Monster of Florence was part of his birthright.

Real-Life Comparisons[]

Outside of the Monster, Alighieri may have also been partially inspired by Heriberto Seda, a well-known copycat of the Zodiac Killer - Both were serial killers and copycats who were deeply fascinated by the original killers they copied, copied the M.O.s of said original killers as much as they could, attempted to give the impression that they were the original killers, and met their ends during standoffs inside a female's home (though Seda was apprehended alive while Alighieri was killed).

He may have also been partially based in The Gilgo Beach Killer - Both were serial killers who mutilated their victims post-mortem and used cellphones to taunt people linked to their crimes in some way (Alighieri used a cellphone taken from one of his victims' sister and used it to taunt authorities, while the Gilgo Beach Killer taunted his victims' families with cell phone calls).

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified date in 2009: Unnamed female classmate (drowned)
  • 2016:
    • October 21: Peyton Moss and Gina Price:
      • Peyton Moss (shot in the chest)
      • Gina Price (shot twice in the back and chest; mutilated her genitals and removed her reproductive organs post-mortem)
    • October 22: Rory Poole and Diane Roberts:
      • Rory Poole (shot twice in the chest)
      • Diane Roberts (shot twice in the back and chest; mutilated her genitals post-mortem)
    • October 23: The Tafani home standoff: